A Sinister Cat – Chapter 1: One more day

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To those who will enjoy, to those who can let go and relax, to those who can see beyond, to those who will understand…

Mornings are always difficult.  The rheum that form around my eyes do not make it any easier.  Alas! A cat must do what a cat must do —and a sinister one even more!

percy - mornings are difficult

Slowly but surely, my natural beauty unveils itself as I grow more awake. One more day in which to commune with the Dark Gods has dawned.

Not much time has elapsed since that ominous moment when, after the pinch that drew blood from my finger, my body and soul were forgone to this dark path.

percy - mingle with the common folk 01

Now I mingle with the common folk. They take me in, believing I am truly one of them. Asleep sheep they are. Ivy, however, is different and her troubled heart is haunted by shadows as dark as her fur. There may yet be hope for her…

Oh, how truly oblivious are the profane! So easily is their mechanistic lock-step attuned to the whims of my free and powerful will!  See how I gather all but a few stragglers, making them slave towards my ends.

My day continues and I never stop sensing the flow and manifestation of my own Wyrd. I drown in forms of ecstatic contemplation as we all drift on… Dactylis glomerata is your name!

Tell me: have you ever drifted so far up your thoughts that the nightsky seems capable of engulfing you in a final cataclysmic event?

percy - tell me 01

Come the afternoon, all this wyrding through my life has exhausted me, and my mortal body soon falls into a deep sleep.

My name is Percival Draconis, and I am a SINISTER CAT.

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