Hass Weg Sound Releases, First Impressions 2016

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I recently received a copy of Domains’ Sinister Ceremonies, and with it a bunch of promotional fliers.  Among these was a little booklet with a list of releases by Hass Weg Productions.  I was curious enough to go through them and see if anything would catch my attention.  This article is simply a list of first, very premature, impressions on the releases that were listed and could be listened to on Bandcamp and/or Youtube.

  • AMALEK – Die Rückkehr Wotans. Very solid “NSBM” of the Oi! type, like Absurd.  Long-winded by fast-paced, intense in feeling but light on texture.  Will definitely come back to it. 
  • CHADENN – Aux Portes de la Mort. This is dirty, straightforward black metal completely supported over one guitar frenetically playing melodies and a typical black metal percussion to correspond it.  It is around my alley, but I have my doubts with respect to the overall construction of the music, it falls on the generic and weak goal-ed side.  It sounds like raw black metal party music. Bland but entertaining.
  • CORPUS DIAVOLIS / TOTAL SATAN.  Sounds like fun, but they’re both basically Hill Billy Deluxe spin offs.  Stomp rock pretending to be black metal.  Just avoid this.
  • DRACONIS INFERNUM – Rites of Desecration & DemiseTypical generic Singapore ripping black metal after later Marduk.  Puts one to sleep.
  • DUX – Ezoterik. Minimalist, very melodic black metal in the modern French raw style. OK if you like this entrancing lullaby.
  • ERIS SOMNIUM –DiscordeCreative and consistent black metal arrangements of three guitars, soft drums only underscoring changes.  Not bad, though not particularly interesting.
  • ESCHATON – UnshakenNWOBHM with black metal drums and vocals. Low-fi and raw. Better than the morass of aimless nothing that was classic Dissection.
  • EVIL ERUPTION – True Evil Never DiesRaw, asphyxiating, simplistic but with a decent narrative.
  • FLAMEN – Supremo DieSuper raw, but no intrusive masking distortion.  Laid back spoken black metal vocals.  More on the epic feel of black metal.  Power-chord based rather than tremolo-pick runs.  Pleasant, majestic, patient and subtle.
  • GNIEU – In the Vortexes of Existence Awareness. Raw and streamlined in the manner of electronic music, this is fuzzy and cavernous/echoish black metal.  Quite pleasant though ultimately sounding a bit incomplete.
  • HALSFANG – Vere Papa Mortuus EstTough guy “black metal” heavy metal. Meh.
  • HEXENWALD / TODESTRIEBE – Split. Hexenwald is raw, coherent yet highly unpredictable. Interesting, but these sound like snippets.  Sometimes devolves into something more akin to post-rock. Todestriebe plays a kind of heavy-speed “black” metal that is more standard though quite dynamic.  Listening to them it becomes more apparent that these sound like snippets because they are just samples…
  • LICURGO – FlamesAudibly rock-based, good use of silences, moderately ritualistic in the shocking good sense, not the ambient-like lethargic sense. I am not too intrigued as it is not scary/dangerous enough overall.  More Scooby-Doo than The Exorcism or Evil Dead.
  • MALEDICTION – IX SorcerersModern rock dark blackish music…
  • MALMORT – Excerpta Funebris. Not too convincing. Generic elongating.
  • MALSAINT – Anti Islamist Proselytism. Jumpy and energetic, unfocused and schizophrenic. Quite bad.
  • MORTIFIER – Kampfen. Raw, aggressive, melodic.  A little too messy for its own good. But not bad at all.
  • NARGOTHROND – Doctrine of Lies. Raw, melodic, focused and is able to elaborate on its melodic content and provide appropriate dynamics that do not distract. Too bad only samples are available. 
  • NOCTURNAL AMENTIA – Hec Regnum Meum Est. Stormy black metal. Not bad, but it does not seem capable of going beyond the mirage of style.
  • ØDELEGGER – The Titan’s Tomb. A carbon copy of the great Ildjarn, with some personal variations in some tracks.  Worth the listen despite starting off copying a style so much, simply because Ildjarn is so good.  What we do not know is if this guy actually has the same songwriting chops as Vidar Vaaer, because we can only hear samples on bandcamp.
  • ORTHANC – L’Amorce du Déclin. Aggressive, messy, sloppy, irreverent, urban, borderline silly. Too much France for my taste.
  • PENDULUM – Les Fragments du Chaos. Boring French flowing black metal where nothing happens. Slavs also tend to make these poor, poor derivatives of Norwegian melodic and atmospheric black metal.  Leave it to the Dutch, please.  Germanic black metal is for Germanic people to make.
  • PESTIFERUM – Déchus du Fléau. Generic, unfocused.  This is about being some kind of black metal. There is no content here.
  • REIN – La Cocaïne des Seigneurs. Raw, lo-fi, melodic French. Development is very weak. Boring.
  • SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM – Split with boring Orthanc. Random, thus boring.
  • SAD – Devouring the DivineGeneric and not going anywhere in particular. Typical flowing black metal pointlessness, although it doesn’t sound bad per se.
  • SERPENTINE CREATION – The Fiery Winds of Armageddon. A bit more original-sounding the most in this rooster. Decent articulation.  However, stylistically confused, thus showing internal lack of theme.
  • SIGILLUM DIABOLICUM – Monothéisme : Le Grand Culte Mortifère. More attitude than quality, although the theatrical interludes with samples make it quite interesting.  Half of the time this is speed metal.
  • SOLIS OCCASUM – Unholy Faces of DeadEnticing raw, power-chord rhythmic black metal.  However, does not seem to be so far-reaching.
  • SVARTFELL – Apocryphe ApocalypseSilly phrasing but entertaining narrative. Suffers from randomness.
  • SZRON – Zeal. Raw and minimalist, borderline black rock. Focused and highly intelligible, limited but very perceptible and sensible narrative. 
  • TERDOR – Levi II. Comical. Black metal cannot be comical. Metal cannot be comical. Period.

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