Triumph of the Underground

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The underground has always been the abode of dissidents and their ideas, the place where what is suppressed by the status quo thrives in organic growth. Not all underground movements are the same, and we will fall in line with one or another depending on our ideological and spiritual allegiances. To those of us for whom the current reigning paradigm of Magian stagnancy and complacency in decadence is repellent and an antithesis of all that is good, it is its most blasphemous and contrarian underground branches that seem the most appealing.

The idealistically adversarial nature of the underground during the Kali Yuga increasingly finds in symbolic darkness and the force of arms (whether psychic or physical) as products of a holy fire to wield against the enemy’s fire. This is the result of a balanced and rational assessment; however, the realism of this underground mentality appears extreme only by virtue of the ruinous state of mankind.

Instead of a complacent and cowardly slow decay, those who would see the best possible humanity flourish would rather welcome a calamitous and drastic change that shakes the world if and only if it clearly leads to the dissolution of the establishment. So it is that in this a most historic day for mankind, the throne of filth that mans the golem comes to be occupied by an unlikely face reviled by the dormant zombies of the majority simply for showing them everything that politicians truly are.

A Dawn of Triumph for those who lurk in the shadows working within an aeonic mindset —the centuries-long fall. In this day of celebration, we do not place ourselves in the hands of another businessman; we step aside and let his bestial nature wreak havoc among the mundane homo hubris.

To commemorate this we present a short list for a dark celebration in this article riddled with significant lengths, counts, initials and endings. Let him who is excellent and valiant revel in everything that is contrary to the liking of the mundane mind, not because there is merit in contradiction, but because the impoverished nature of the mundane mind lies on the opposite pole in relation to excellence and honesty of thought and action. Welcome Death and Art and The Devil!

Υ Prowler 88 Υ

The Path To Glory, Will Be Born In Blood


 Blasphemy has served the purpose of leading the spirit of the most dangerous and serious underground movements. In our day and age, being against the teachings of the Catholic Church may represent a theoretical heresy to the institution, but it means little in the real world. What really represents a blasphemy and a heresy today is sympathizing with those who were destroyed in the second great civil war of Europe. It is not racism or violence that is bemoaned, but NS culture.

Recommended reading: Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar.

⊕ Рабор ⊕

За Тридевять Земель

За Тридевять Земель

A necessary component of this underground as a nexion is to cultivate the individual’s relation to nature. This begins with a wonder as well as a love for nature that foments shunning the crippling aspects of civilization. The way that recognizes Mother Nature as a part of the universe that exists within us as well will attempt to understand it to work and develop in accordance with it. The goal is attunement with the motions and not a constant fear.

Recommended reading: Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola.

θ Satanic Prophecy θ



 Ahead lies the setting of the sun and a crescent moon to light the way to a ritual in this red, stony desert bereft of living water. To open this gate and increase its influence in front of plinth while holding a swinging thurifer requires a chanting out, an acting out, not merely a reading and theorizing. This is internalization and transformation. To reach this point is not merely to mature but to reach a state of fermentation; a penultimate goal.

Recommended reading: The Star in the East.

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