Records and Books

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Some of us who are into both music and literature will have detected that our mind tends to draw conscious parallels between certain records and books. The deepest and most significant of these come as a result of unconscious links that seem to bubble up into our awareness after spiritual1 involvement with the corresponding written and sonorous works makes its mark upon the person. While the relationship between said works can and should be detectable at the conscious level to the point that a rational explanation can be given, this is the least important and only the most superficial trait of the experience that constitutes their linkage.

There are a few books and records that I personally have lived and felt in my own way so that they remain fixed and mutually referential in my mind so that when one of them appears in front of me, the other’s image is immediately summoned as if by an artifice outside my conscious control. I do not profess to have deep knowledge or imbatible comprehension of any of them and only seek to share an experience in which I am sure I am not alone with the intention of giving testimony of a wondrous and most profound intimation. That a single curious and hungry mind might find delight and treasure herein will have justified the raison d’être of this publication.

§ An Eternity in Flowing Darkness

Of The Poizon of god and The Secret Doctrine

These two works certainly approach the question of the universe and being from very different mentalities. One is an occultist steeped in erudite tradition and submission to masters, the other is an arrogant yet profoundly intuitive apprehension of the universe as lord and living gateway between this and other dimensions. Both speak of a presencing of a cosmos through direct experience, but their tendencies and attitudes carry them towards two different sided paths, hence a different course of action and ultimate interpretation when it comes to courses of action to be taken in manifest reality.

Tpoizonofgodhe Poizon of god was Rex Ebvleb’s way of telling those who could listen and understand that the precise shape of his experience was leading to a holistic transcendental post-nihilism (the “nihilism as a gateway” of Brett Stevens) that would dissolve the very being of the god of the mundanes. The conspicuous lack of references to standarised occult terminology is of note; a further clue of this individual’s independence and pragmatic sobriety when it comes to dealing even with what some consider the most profound spiritual experience. The arrogance which might be easily detected is quickly understood as a tool and a realist reaction of the mundane, rather than the superficial garb that is worn by most self identified occultists and especially satanists.the secret doctrine 3 volumes

The Secret Doctrine is Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s undeniable magnum opus and is one of the few works in occultism that is invariably praised by both left and right hand path advocates, not to mention the few actual practitioners that do speak out. Blavatsky rose above the comprehension of her times and brought forth a monumental work that has survived superficial slander of all kinds and has proven itself once and again with the passage of time and the further dissemination of ancient wisdom in the scholarly circles of both the occultist and the establishment academic.

There is a pensive and latent intensity to both works that spans the full spectrum of reality which has led me to associate both strongly. They also both hide behind a rather abstruse presentation, although where the one is deliberately obscurantist, the other is attempting to guide the student through an esoteric method necessary for the comprehension of mysteries. Where the one challenges, the other invites.

Be that as it may, for myself, the way these two have been almost inextricably connected derives from their fortuitous causal conjunction arising from my interaction with a notable artist (S. A. of C. A. ) who opened a mental path which led to my own first intuition regarding both of these works. It was in practice that I felt that these two could be experienced together in a complimentary interaction of a particular apprehension of either within the mind.

1 Some would rather use the word “emotional” here, but I beg to differ as to the implications the two provide regarding the origin and nature of the experience described.

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