Going under — Through the Dark

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An old, crooked figure makes its way through the twilight of a crepuscular forest. Only its decayed, once feminine silhouette discernible, dark contours imprisoning blurried features.

An air of decisiveness; a busy mind, mumbling lips and a fastidious demeanor as it searches the forest.

Behind, a dying (or nascent?) sun’s arms barely make their way through shadowed trees.

The earthy smell of a fungus ripe for collection; a hint of blood, a tint of death.

Careful steps, treading a familiar ground as if with paws; a crow-like voice, and indecipherable muttering that accompanies the sounds of rustling leaves and a lovingly caressed earth.

Steps, clutching astringent stems and leaves.

An evil grin, a malicious chuckle, a sickly cough.ghhh

A putrid concoction that sinks a nauseous soul down a moisty trap; the mouth of asphyxiating chthonic waters.

Cold bones.

A learning through suffering, and a sacrifice in payment for what’s to come —a joyful mourning.

The abomination of a licentious and forbidden deed; thence its slaying and overcoming —a knife bloodied with the life-essence of a bovine soul.

O, that this lust for fire lead me not to Promethean entrapment.

Thus will worth be weighted.

§ Ancient — Svartalvheim Reverb Versions


  1. Trumps of an Archangel
  2. Paa Evig Vandring
  3. Likferd

§ Summoning — Minas Morgul demo 1995

summoning minas morgul demo

  1. Dor Daedeloth
  2. Through The Forest Of Dol Guldur
  3. Ungolianth
  4. The Passing Of The Grey Company

§ Pío Baroja — Vidas Sombrías
baroja vidas sombrias

  1. Bondad Oculta
  2. Médium
  3. Mari Belcha
  4. Los Panaderos
  5. Marichu
  6. Playa de Otoño
  7. Parabola
  8. Águeda
  9. El Trasgo
  10. La Sombra
  11. La Venta
  12. Piedad Postrera
  13. Hogar Triste
  14. El Carbonero
  15. El Amo de la Jaula
  16. Errantes
  17. Nihil
  18. Angelus
  19. Noche de Médico
  20. Lo Desconocido
  21. El Reloj
  22. Conciencias Cansadas
  23. La Trapera
  24. La Sima
  25. Caídos
  26. Las Coles del Cementerio
  27. La Mujer de Luto
  28. El Vago
  29. De la Fiebre
  30. La Vida de los Átomos
  31. La Enamorada del Talento
  32. Grito en el Mar
  33. Biquette
  34. Elizabide el Vagabundo

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