Nekrokrist SS Suicide

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nekrokrist-ss-suicide-2007Understood in the destructive, hardcore vision that seem to imbue the spirit of the music and the lyrical references, we could well posit that the proposition and purpose of this album, beyond bringing the listener face to face with the very real idea of suicide, is to encourage such an action among those who entertain it. That could also only be the imagination and desires of the author himself playing a trick; in any case, it seems like an option worthy of exploration  given how needed death is today. Today, suicide is viewed in horror even by supposed non-religious secular society; this is because it has inherited the humanist values that it adopted from the dogmas of Christianity. Many of us rather believe that suicide is a kind of what we could call a ‘natural right’

For those who are honorable or those who have vested the meaning of their whole life in something which has turned to naught, it seems perfectly fair to allow them to decide whether or not they want to keep on living. After all, what else does man have but his inner purpose and meaning? Materialists of the modern kind would, of course, disagree; but we all know what a putrid and decadent world they have always promoted, and continue to promote for the sake of justifying and indulging in their own mediocrity and weakness.

We could also say that in some cases, suicide really is the only way. Some people simply do not have the character or the disposition to live; sometimes this ‘fault’ is intrinsic to these individuals. Rather than spend a lifetime of misery imposed upon them; but it would rather be better to put an end to such a disgusting life. It only seems right to rather offer their own blood on the altar of judiciousness as an example of commitment to a higher ideal.

The music of Nekrorkist SS sets the perfect neutral tone to evoke a nihilist contemplation of itsemurha. It is a concretion of a melodic-frenetic punk-inspired black metal that vomits and blasts, but is at the same time guided by a clear thinking. There is a created destruction vortex that storms around a clear and very consonant melodious line that the guitar carries. The band takes time with each recording and rather than try to propose collections of songs, they seem to evolve of an already mature idea much in the same way as Infamous does.

From suicide, Nekrokrist SS extends the topic to a grander perspective; the suicide of a sick individual can be reflected at spiritual and collective levels. The encouragement to let churches burn because of their already decadent and thus useless form of dogmas that put forth the image of a distorted reality. Instead, and channeling the spirit of black metal as a whole, we find in Suicide a of the destruction of such an establishment through the proposition of finding joy through extermination at all levels: the harsh reset button of an amoral nihilist.

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