An Open Manifesto For Black Metal Cells


Open suggestions to be molded and modified by any individuals; this is a first push. Work in quiet, work in secret, work strictly locally. But spread the ideals of elitism above the simians.

1. A Pathetic Present

1.1 Unconscious fostering of culture
Historically, black metal arises from the realist (a-social, a-political) view presented by early Black Sabbath (which was quickly perverted into money-making and covered up), the rebellious and harsh reactions of a young Tom. G Warrior (which disappeared as his music became more “acceptable”), and the satanic presentation symbol-layer enforced by Bathory. The strongest results and artists were born from inward-looking individuals sharing in an elitist but anti status quo mentality. This was fostered through organic though unconscious counter-culture.

1.2 Missing ideology
The counter-culture that is necessary as a basis for black metal to develop is opposed by a globalized and commercialized world. Pseudo black metal of the globalized present misses centrality and an inward-looking isolation; when thought of consciously, this usually can be boiled down to an ideology; ‘ideology’ is usually misunderstood and correlated with politics, but the word simply means “science and system of ideas”.

1.3 Missing quality
The opposite present problem is those groups effectively trying to separate themselves from the dross of humanity but which forget all about a holistic approach that brings about a flourishing culture capable of producing quality. Elitist mentality is left behind and instead a partisan and tribal mentality is adopted where sharing in a religion or political stance is enough for mediocre art to be accepted.

2. Black Metal (Counter) Culture

2.1 Antinomianism
From the Greek anti-nomos: ‘anti’ = ‘against’; and ‘nomos’ = ‘law’. Antinomianism = ‘against the law’. In the context of black metal as a counter-culture, it means believing to be outside the common ‘human-made’ law, or not recognizing it as relevant or valid.

2.2 Misanthropy
From the Greek misos-anthropos: ‘misos’ = ‘hate’ and ‘anthropos’ = man / human. Misanthropy = hatred for humanity. In the context of black metal as a counter-culture, it means feeling disgusted by the acts and nature of the majority of humanity as mediocre, dishonorable and all around foolish, weak and undeserving. This misanthropy is an opposition of what is ‘merely human’, or complacent and so mediocre; here is also cut whatever pseudo art is merely pandering to a religious or political tendency, or whatever is uplifted on the basis of authority rather than merit.

2.3 Mysticism
Stemming principally from the Greek ‘mystikos’ = ‘secret’ / ‘undercover’ / ‘underground’. Part of a group that requires membership to share information; typically a group sharing esoteric knowledge. In the context of black metal as a counter-culture, it means closing off circles to outsiders in the understanding that to understand the art and other in-group values, it is necessary for someone to (i) be part / participate of the counter-culture, and (ii) have certain necessary personal qualities that make a person receptive to the experience and knowledge that comes with it — that is, an esoteric knowledge that cannot be transmitted directly but is absorbed by several levels of experience.

3. Strategy

3.1 Purpose
The purpose of creating a black metal circle is to foster the results of black metal counter-culture: the fundamental shift of mentalities through the creation of transcendental art. Taken to its logical serious consequences, black metal presents and needs a change of vision and mind with respect to society, taking the individual to stand at odds with it from a spiritual, not a political or even merely social, stance. The purpose is artistic, but beyond the artistic, and in the understanding that the essence of human experience underlies the social and the political, and does not consist of it. The purpose is transcendental, and forward-looking, to foster a different attitudes towards life and reality among those who are brave and intelligent enough.

3.2 Methods
We can briefly divide the methods to carry this out into in-group and out-group activities. In-group activities must focus in the creation of common experiences, and that these lead to common understanding particular to the group, as well as the creation of art that arises from them. This takes time. Out-group activities consist in the things that are projected towards outsiders, with the intent of artistic expression and survival, but also so that outsiders who contain the potential, can have the opportunity to know we exist. The out-group activity includes ‘propaganda’, which is commonly misunderstood by most people as meaning ‘political’. Propaganda is only the art of projecting a message towards groups of people, rather than simply individuals.

3.3 Isolation and Insulation
To foster and maintain a form of its own, a counter-culture group must have a separation from the larger group it inhabits. Therefore, there are several measures that should be taken in order to prevent pollution. These could range from only participating in larger activities that align with our purposes and work for them: for instance, we do not get involved in the musical activities of others who do not share our values. We attract and make others come to us, thereby promoting a change in them, rather than compromise our bases.

4. Tactics (Proposition of a Three-Pronged Attack)

4.1 Fanzine
This is the first consistent, cheap and convenient way of out-group activity: the creation of short but catchy content that informs the local population. It can help inform those interested about black metal to form a historical basis of the underground, so that they may get in touch with the real roots in Hellhammer and early Bathory. It can also help foster the three bases from section 2: Antinomianism(2.1), Misanthropy(2.2) and Mysticism(2.3).

4.2 Music Projects
It is crucial that music itself, the center of the art and culture, is also born of this enterprise. It is a faster and more effective means to lead by example rather than simply encourage others to do it. The styles must be limited to those sounds that reflect the dark features of the genre both inside and outside, that is, both in attitude and their perceived feeling, in lyrics as well as in music. Visual artwork must, of course, also be consistent and reflect the deeper and darker intent.

4.3 Culture-fostering activities
These should include the different music-project rehearsals and in-group performances, but can be extended to extra-musical activities such as walks in the mountain / forest, joint work-outs, gatherings, or participation in other psychological group experiments that can also create common experience. Start with two or three people, and only carefully and very slowly increase the number of in-group members. Divide activities strictly so that those inside know and partake in what outsiders do not, thus effectively creating the space that insulates from decadent modern culture.

2 comments on “An Open Manifesto For Black Metal Cells”

  1. How am I to find other like-minded motherfuckers? It seems like a loooong grooming process to exact someone’s ideals be distinct to these.


    1. Each individual operates within their limits (and those with the spirit for it, rupture them with transcendent purpose).
      As far as finding like-minded individuals, indeed, difficult, if not practically impossible.
      The solution: be the creator and the leader; people may follow suit.

      Liked by 1 person

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