HellHammer Satanic Rites

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I. Legendary project by T.G. Warrior, Hellhammer summoned a monster from the depths of the Abyss, and it has ever roamed the minds of the collective unconscious of the metal hordes. Those who have felt its presence through the music of Hellhammer can testify to its infectious and perverting power.

II. Hellhammer remains relevant to this day because the creative work achieved here by the young genius leading the band of necromancers has not since been matched in its own area, but many that were inspired created from it, without actually touching on its avant garde proposition.

III. There are those who would call this proto black metal, but in truth, it is the original form of black metal, taking into itself what aspects of doom heavy metal and the faster speed metal of its time, all under the creative vociferations of a madman calling for the demon to possess him. Hellhammer unites these all and creates a unique entity in time, which belongs to neither of those previously existing camps but creates its own space.

IV. To know the truth of black metal is to know the depths of Hellhammer, and without Hellhammer, there is no black metal. Here lies the real, here lies the pure, here lies the undiluted, innermost black metal of all.

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