S.V.E.S.T. Coagula – L’ether du diable

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Article by Hildraed Ashworth

There exist certain special individuals who devote their energies solely to invoking entities of the night as deities, worshipping them not merely with practical and magickal motivations, but instead as an expression of that simpler and perhaps purer life of the spirit which takes its inspiration from trve European sources. It is these cultists who have largely held the public gaze over the past few decades, despite the fact that the word witch encompasses a far wider circle of people than merely followers of the Left Hand Path.

A proper time period would elapse, a fluxion apprehended and perceived to have arisen and faded away, and with a mind-gathering structured accordingly, all the affairs would be set in motion to carry on a series of realizations in immersion. The shadows were to serve an ulterior will, and the traveler was to be signaled the way in which Adeptship as a goal were attainable or at least visible, in order to continue the unraveling destiny of the individual in accordance to yet incomprehensible writings across the cosmos itself. Dreams and visions serve here as hints and clues from the deepest waters of the soul, as heading north towards indefinite isolation to taste of himself in absolute solitude to then emerge as an Adept, and thence that inner Self would become sole ruler. Alone must he build the edifice of the inner temple, out there in the bleak wildes, so that he may go on to become Titanic in transcendence. The final rites will eventually be due, signaling the time to step into a realm of shadows, whence his essence is to haunt the cosmos for all time to come as many yet attempt to commune with a liberated demon.

The towers of symbols on either side of the blazing flame contain fragments from old rituals and mystery texts. The one upon the right dictates that one should kindle a light at the appointed time, and which appointed time is surely, by internal derivation, the seventh hour of the dawning. We find here also obscure references to the coming forth of a full sun, blazing in the darkness. The tower at the left is descriptive of a ritual in life, wherein honor is paid to Death. The Initiate is called upon to sacrifice his soul. A figure arises, and it is etched upon the coffin in which he is to be buried into the mystery, after which the full face of the sun arises to complete the resurrection.

It is undeniable to those who at least glimpse the path, not to mention those who have traversed the Way, that a catastrophic upheaval is indispensable to bring about the transformations sought after by the hunter of power. Courage, then, can be seen as having an utmost importance, and courage in particular to set all aside in order to become detached from the world and sets one’s eyes yonder over the horizon of mundanity. An evolution and a mutation of one’s profoundest structure is of sole relevance for the purposes of attaining a higher knowledge of the inner type, and which knowledge is wisdom and experience, and more even of a wordless, indescribable character. This is at once wisdom and power, and we must distinguish it as more than human, and rather as what we may surmise divine. It is said to be reached in the following of a Path that presupposes an obliteration of the ego through a gradual series of steps, and which Path essentially and ultimately entails the overcoming of the human condition.

That is terrible Abraxas. It is the delight of the earth, and the cruelty of the heavens. Before it there is no question and no reply.

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