Ioannis Kleftogiannis Consummatum Est

A pensive work of death and oblivion, Consummatum Est seems engendered by an obsession with the void, exuding the aura of a crazed contemplator, a witness torn between his own mortality and the infinity of the universe as ungraspable concept. Terror and hypnotic ruminations are here forever fused to lead the listener through an overgrown and crumbling maze of indistinguishable truths and falsehoods. Here, only death is real. Only that narrow doorway which all living beings must inevitably cross can serve as meaningful reference point. Surrounding those portals lie the only endeavors worth the time of a human wishing to transgress and go beyond due limits.

The headlong dive into short-circuited madness induced by the first experience is followed by a catatonic interlude. Sprawling spams mark the paralyzing tension maintained across a bleak and utterly unforgiving landscape barren of anything remotely human, and thus more real than anything experienced by most vermin. This breathing space is only enough for our minds to be able to remain barely apt to perceive and properly surrender to the two parts of this alienating vision.

An undead murmur rises around us with the advent of a second chapter. Beyond death, the motions of phantasms, timeless circularity, futile eternity. Countless possibilities approach a crystallization in a never-ending reach for convergence, fading away yet ever present. As aeons pass us by, what we once thought was, is now merged with centuries of totality: existence and non-existence at once. Some say a return to the source, others a meandering through one of the levels of hell; yet more say all these descriptions are both right and wrong: perceptions feed their apparent reality, but what truly is resembles none of these perceptions.

At least we are giving a merciful return to normal consciousness, as the composer closes this powerful work with a drop of nurturing stability, perhaps a reminder to value our precarious existences. Few are the works which can echo the aura pioneered by Klaus Schulze and make something entirely their own, but this is one such composition. That this should come out in this day and era means either an accident or an awakening to dark realms within.

4 responses to “Ioannis Kleftogiannis Consummatum Est

      • I thought you wrote “Praying at the Altars of Mantis”.

        Nevertheless… c’mon, really though! Are you constantly combing the world for such things, or are guys sending you their demos & shit? Like the Richard Moult LP… I thought I saw him affiliated with the Martinet Press.


      • Is he affiliated to Martinet Press?
        I did not know that.

        In general, I would say that not heeding the common noise at all makes it a lot easier to recognize these jewels when they come along your way somehow.
        Reading old zines is a good way to discover some forgotten demos too.
        Once in a while I like to dive into demo-compiling blogspots, as well.


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