A word on Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum

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In perhaps one of the most musically accomplished black metal recordings of all time, S.V.E.S.T. puts forth a two-step thesis that gracefully springs across the stepping stones of theological speculation, culminating in bouts of mystical visions and philosophical open ended questions. The resulting amalgam dances seamlessly over these, while it remains clear that at the center of fluctuating symbols lies the persistent existential question which haunts and feeds the dark libido of a mind that looks down on the mundane.

The first chapter in Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum alludes, in words and organized sound, to the principle of division, rupture and destruction which marks cycles of existence. In contrast to less refined interpretations, we find here that, although apparently unpredictable, the chaotic force embodied in the person of Satan conspires to make Life possible, along with its illusory opposite pole, Death. Beyond the mechanistic metaphor, however, and contemplated from a holistic vantage point, said division is the realization of potential through dynamism and volatility.

The second, culminating chapter descends upon the more psychological implications of the diabolic principle, without in any way stripping the whole of its necessary mystical expression, and there is a hint here that a rational understanding is attempted despite it all. In truth, the grain of demonic intrusion which manifest through the human mind as one of its many portals is brought into focus; its being made the locus of forces of transgression simultaneously calls forth a flowering plethora of realizations and a deepening of the mystery. In spite of this, the mystery is now the source of a certain transcendent meaning, and the possibility of the discovery of a dark purpose becomes patent.

Balance and inertia mean a continuation of present changes and transitions which are illusory in the sense that the underlying state of affairs which sustains conditions remains the same despite all movement and apparent progress. Such a movement may lead to accumulation or depletion, or the natural entropy which many have come to associate with the principle of evil. This development may be imagined as a line making its way across a space of two dimensions.

Following this metaphor, let us put forth a differing picture containing a transcendental satanic force operating from a third dimension in the same diagram just described. If Satan is the personification of evil, and thus represents the truest transgression, that breaking of all boundaries, that transcendental violation of the rule, then upon it may lie the keys of creation and destruction.

Regular movement in the universe may lead from stasis to stasis through entropy, while cosmic intrusions provide true destruction and recommencement. One may further theorize a latent ability within human beings which microcosmically mirrors the macrocosm’s transcendental mechanics responsible for alpha and omega events. That is, true creation of new, rather than merely morphed, states of being are not just the logical consequence of the sum of the present conditions; a chaotic originator, which may also be a black hole of destruction —an abyss, brings forth unique meanings and purposes beyond archetypes and aeonic tidal waves.

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