Scorn for the Easy Life

From the compilation of essays by Julius Evola, edited and commented by John B. Morgan for Arktos Media Ltd., titled Metaphysics of War; in ‘”Army” as Vision of the World’, originally published on 30 May 1937 as ‘Sulla “Millizia” quale visione del mondo in ‘Diorama mensile’, Il Regime Fascista:

[begin quote]

Thus the vision of one’s life as membership within an army gives shape to an ethic of its own and to a precise inner attitude which arouses deep forces. On this basis, to seek membership in an actual army, with its disciplines and its readiness for absolute action on the plane of material struggle, is the right direction and the path which must be followed. It is necessary to first feel oneself to be a soldier in spirit and to render one’s sensibility in accordance with that in order to be able to do this also in a material sense subsequently, and to avoid the dangers which, in the sense of a materialistic hardening and overemphasis on the purely physical, can otherwise come from militarisation on the external plane alone: whereas, given this preparation, any external form can easily become the symbol and instrument of properly spiritual meanings.

[end quote]

Draugr Coven of Azanigin: Finding the Sinisterly-Numinous in a Causal Role

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