A most eccentric chapter

From Project Gutenberg’s transcription of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s ‘Faust’, translated by Bayard Taylor:



There is, to make thee young, a simpler mode and apter;

But in another book ’tis writ for thee,

And is a most eccentric chapter.



Yet will I know it.



Good! the method is revealed

Without or gold or magic or physician.

Betake thyself to yonder field,

There hoe and dig, as thy condition;

Restrain thyself, thy sense and will

Within a narrow sphere to flourish;

With unmixed food thy body nourish;

Live with the ox as ox, and think it not a theft

That thou manur’st the acre which thou reapest;–

That, trust me, is the best mode left,

Whereby for eighty years thy youth thou keepest!



I am not used to that; I cannot stoop to try it–

To take the spade in hand, and ply it.

The narrow being suits me not at all.



Then to thine aid the witch must call.

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