Author: D. A. R. G.

Tangos des Todes Drowning in the Stygian Marsh

We have here a Power Electronics album of a particularly minimalist, ‘monochromatic’ kind, even as far as other examples in the genre seem to go. Despite this, it is more subtle than a first impression may mislead one to believe, and the final product results in something far more powerful than the improvisations of Xenophobic

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A Discussion of ‘Azoth’, ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’

[Written originally as a casual response in conversation with V.K. Jehannum, then organically turned into a closer look at Typhonian Trilogies references to Azoth.] In reference to this: And to a lesser degree, to this:, wherein said conversation with V.K. Jehannum is found. WS was on point, whatever else she was saying, that there

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