Author: Pelagius

The Ancients Counted Seven Planets

Quotations from Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma: [begin quote] The ancients counted seven planets, thus arranged: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. There were seven heavens and seven spheres of these planets; on all the monuments of Mithras are seven altars or pyres, consecrated to the seven planets, as were the

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Evola and Second Degree Initiations (Some Quotations from RTG)

From Julius Evola’s Ride the Tiger: p. 62: This brings us to the consideration οf the second degree οf the trial through self-knowledge, which belongs to the transcendent dimension and which conditions the final solution οf the existential problem. With the first degree, in fact, with the recognition οf “one’s own nature” and the making οf

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Scorn for the Easy Life

From the compilation of essays by Julius Evola, edited and commented by John B. Morgan for Arktos Media Ltd., titled Metaphysics of War; in ‘”Army” as Vision of the World’, originally published on 30 May 1937 as ‘Sulla “Millizia” quale visione del mondo in ‘Diorama mensile’, Il Regime Fascista: [begin quote] Thus the vision of one’s

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