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Riddle of Meander Orcus

Riddle of Meander play what we could easily describe as “standard black metal”, in that it adheres to the usage and application of technique and composition style that characterizes the genre; such strict adherence, however, does not in any way impede them from presenting ideas of their own as someone who is expressing himself in

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Watain Casus Luciferi

Let us start out by making it clear that this is a commentary on the music of this album.  It is not about the ideology whence derive its lyrics, the authenticity or truthfulness of it, the religious devotion of its members and even less what fans of the band feel about WATAIN.  Each of these things has its place

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Abyssum Poizon of god

Había pasado poco más de una década luego de la aparición del álbum debut de ABYSSUM, Thy Call, cuando la voz guía del proyecto, Rex Ebvleb, finalmente publicó un segundo álbum completo titulado Poizon of god. Este ofrecimiento tomó lugar en el año 2008, y fue tanto un paso hacia adelante como una evolución oscura

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