Tag: 2011

Jordi Savall & Montserrat Figueras El Cant De La Sibil·la: Catalunya

Few classical music performers can boast of the sense of awe and wonder that Jordi Savall re-instills into works from eras in which this art was about surrendering to the grandeur of what can be termed creation, without acquiescing to religious exotericism. In the present performance of the Gregorian-style composition titled ‘The Song of the

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Possession Ritual Incense of Opened Gates

German ritual black rock-metal band Possession Ritual released a full-length going by the name of The Incense of Opened Gates, with striking artwork by .:Ars LeproSA:., in the year MMXI through Nihilward Productions.  A note is made that the music itself was written and recorded in MMVI.  Being one of those limited editions which are

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