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Philippe Herreweghe Johann Sebastian Bach: Ich elender Mensch, Leipzig Cantatas

§ Conspicuous yet Invisible There are few people today who are not at least aware of J.S. Bach’s fame as a composer. Yet, for most so-called educated people this awareness does not extend beyond a mere recognition of a famous name. Even among those actually acquainted with his music, those who profess delight upon listening to

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C.R.U.E.L. Cantus

C.R.U.E.L. nos muestra una percepción de la realidad más demente que cósmica, abrazando fuerzas del subconsciente en lo que parece una acción de suscitar y evocar fuerzas subconscientes —esa parte de nosotros sujeta a demonios a los cuales el humano común sirve de inconsciente esclavo y perpetuo alimento. En Cantus especialmente, y mas aún que

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A Recount of Transmutations – SEPTEMBER MMXVI entry

Different people listen to music , watch movies or look at paintings with different attitudes, perceiving different things based on a variety of conditions and outlooks.  Some specialize in or are drawn towards one more than the others, and approach the message codified therein either through sentiment or technical study, and in some rare cases,

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