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A Discussion of ‘Azoth’, ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’

[Written originally as a casual response in conversation with V.K. Jehannum, then organically turned into a closer look at Typhonian Trilogies references to Azoth.] In reference to this: https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/atazoth-at-taghut/ And to a lesser degree, to this: https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2018/01/05/regarding-the-scandalous-origins-of-satanism/, wherein said conversation with V.K. Jehannum is found. WS was on point, whatever else she was saying, that there

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Triumph of the Underground

Ψ A SATANIC UNDERGROUND Ψ The underground has always been the abode of dissidents and their ideas, the place where what is suppressed by the status quo thrives in organic growth. Not all underground movements are the same, and we will fall in line with one or another depending on our ideological and spiritual allegiances. To

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