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Three Apprehensions of Black Metal

§ Some considerations It is futile to try and have a discussion on whether black metal should be regarded as pure music, as myth or as entirely subservient to some ideology. Yet, each of the these three views are held by different camps of people who believe theirs is the only ultimately valid appreciation of

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Burzum Dauði Baldrs

A worthwhile commentary on this puzzling album would entail a discussion of the mystery of Baldr’s death, it is possible to appreciate this album purely on its musical numinosity. It would not be inaccurate to say that this is one of the most powerful, pure and clear statements by Burzum; second in that sense only

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Selecciones de Fin de Año MMXVI

§ Algunas palabras Se ha decidido aquí seguir el espíritu que se adjudica esta empresa de arte y su curación: sub specie aeternitatis. No pondremos aquí ningún trabajo que no creamos digno de ser recordado para la posteridad como un trabajo total, no solamente satisfactorio sino como una obra sin reproches, total, holística, coherente y contenida dentro

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