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Forbidden BlackMynde

1. De Vermis Mysteriis – Am Düstern Ort 2. De Vermis Mysteriis – Into the Void 3. De Vermis Mysteriis – Le Silence de Mort 4. De Vermis Mysteriis – Day Of Wrath And Doom Impending 5. Moëvöt – Notre Père 6. Moëvöt – Voultehtr Voaguprueeb 7. Moëvöt – In einem Friedhof – Errance 8. Moëvöt – Zurghtapre – Chant d’Eternité I 9. Moëvöt – Wolken – Ma Vie

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Inter faeces et urinam nascimur

It takes an iron nerve to perceive the connection between the promise of life implicit in eroticism and the sensuous aspect of death. Mankind conspires to ignore the fact that death is also the youth of things. Blindfolded, we refuse to see that only death guarantees the fresh upsurging without which life would be blind.

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