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Obskure Torture Spilling the Blood of the World

The present is a doom metal compilation consisting of a demo, an EP and an additional track written exclusively for the release, written and performed by one man and released in 2010. After this release, the individual behind it appears to have only released a two-track full length, whose actual length and specific development is

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Monarch Exile

This is an underground, self-released EP/demo that outwardly evokes traits of Infester and the likes of Cianide, thus utilizing a cross between doom metal, death metal and progressive rock. The latter is the greater influence in the structural approach of the album, but the spirit is permeated by the esotericism and medieval-macabre surrealism of classic

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Cóndor Sangreal

Nos sorprende CÓNDOR en su última obra, Sangreal, no con una, sino múltiples direcciones musicales.  Constituyendo Duin una clara formalización del hallazgo que fue Nadia, se podía esperar que los siguientes pasos debían realizar una extensión y exploración a partir de esa personalidad musical que recién se volvía consciente de sí misma.  A pesar de

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