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Inter faeces et urinam nascimur

It takes an iron nerve to perceive the connection between the promise of life implicit in eroticism and the sensuous aspect of death. Mankind conspires to ignore the fact that death is also the youth of things. Blindfolded, we refuse to see that only death guarantees the fresh upsurging without which life would be blind.

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Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil

§ An inscrutable thinker To begin with, and despite the title of the section under which this article is posted, this is not a review, and perhaps not even a commentary on this great work, but rather a series of thoughts around impressions of it held by several groups, in contrast to what may be

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Nihilistic Learning

§ Nihilism It is important that we start out distinguishing nihilism from what this term commonly refers to in popular lingo, which is fatalism. Fatalism is an outright negative posture, and is conducive to extreme individualism by assuming the worst out of situations. This is not nihilism. Nihilism is the belief that nothing in the universe

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