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Friedrich Nietzsche Ecce homo

§ Humour Humour chracterises much of Nietzsche’s writing, always allowing himself to laugh rather than grow angry at anything. One can see him prancing around, smashing lilies underfoot, uncaring of what sacred cows he throws dirt on. But there is always a reason behind everything he says in this tone, even though it might not

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Prognosis de un Elitismo Personal — Parte II: Más Allá del Gusto Personal

§ Más Allá del Gusto Personal  En su libro más personal, Nietzsche toca el tema del gusto personal, tanto para las artes como para cualquier otra cosa. Dice, en la octava sección del segundo capítulo de Ecce homo, que lo que este “gusto” realmente es, es un instinto de autodefensa. Procede después el ilustre filósofo a

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Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil

§ An inscrutable thinker To begin with, and despite the title of the section under which this article is posted, this is not a review, and perhaps not even a commentary on this great work, but rather a series of thoughts around impressions of it held by several groups, in contrast to what may be

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