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Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil

§ An inscrutable thinker To begin with, and despite the title of the section under which this article is posted, this is not a review, and perhaps not even a commentary on this great work, but rather a series of thoughts around impressions of it held by several groups, in contrast to what may be

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Prognosis de un Elitismo Personal – Parte I: Arte y Vida

§ Estética y Esencia El arte, comprendido de manera acertada y cercana a su naturaleza verdadera, está frecuentemente vinculado a la vida humana como experiencia total —como una expresión de su esencia, y en la música en particular es el efecto total lo que cuenta, reflejando y comunicándose con el todo del oyente. Es por

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Problems With Perennial Philosophy

I. Admitting biases Before starting this brief recount of reasons for rejecting some of the aspects of Perennial Philosophy (later ‘Primordial Tradition’), it would only be fair to admit to some of the own biases that affect this judgement. In so doing it will also be useful to point out how this background, and a

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