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For those so inclined…

Arvo Pärt – Tabula Rasa Jean Sibelius – Symphony No. 06 At the Gates – With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness Ildjarn – Forest Poetry Martin Heidegger – Holzwege [English Title: Off the Beaten Track / Título en español: Caminos de Bosque] David Wulstan Myatt – Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates “Blessed are all simple emotions, be they dark or

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A world separates Judeo-Christianity from Herákleitos ho Ephésios

From Martin Heidegger’s Introduction to Metaphysics, translated by Gregory Fried and Richard Polt: [begin quote] For a more precise account we would have to distinguish here between the synoptic gospels and the gospel of John. But in principle we can say: in the New Testament, from the start, logos does not mean, as in Heraclitus,

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