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Immensity, though, spells death to the man it attracts; a kind of vertigo or horror siezes him who sets himself and his precarious egotistic attitude against those infinitely present deeps, infinitely absent too. Like an animal threatened with death his reflexes of stupefied immobility and flight, intolerably confused, nail him in the attitude of a

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Katharsis The Red Eye of Wrath

The humble beginnings of what would later become an unhinged source of a pure torrent of black metal energy are see in The Red Eye of Wrath in their simplest form. Katharsis begins their story by constructing powerful songs that ride on simple power-chord phrases with mannerisms inspired in the style of Possessed, while stripping it

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Remember that you’ll die

On approaching the end of the year, many feel drawn towards either the superficial self-assurance, or a fatalism that is the result of mechanic lives guided by motivations completely divorced from a conscious “spiritual” goal (read as materialist; unconscious animal drives). For most people these seem to blend into one, and if they are religiously

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