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Varg Vikernes Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

The present book is, as the title suggests, a series of reflections and afterthoughts regarding the ancient and original European traditions now generally denominated as “paganism” (a word used by the Christian world to refer to anything different in a derogatory manner).  The study of European traditions is taken up and explored by Vikernes, not

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Hoarfrost Anima Mundi

Upon hearing Anima Mundi, several things might come to mind depending on the level of attunement with it is possessed at that moment.  If one is thinking of the technical side of craft of music making itself, the origin of the different artifacts and tropes within the structures of organised sound will come to mind.

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Bathory The Return…

An ineluctable focal point in the history of metal resides in BATHORY‘s The Return… which necessitates our mentioning of the several traits that make it the authentic and original black metal work arising from the satanic speed metal circle1 of the early 1980s.  The first of these is a change in focus in the way ‘evil’

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