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Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil

§ An inscrutable thinker To begin with, and despite the title of the section under which this article is posted, this is not a review, and perhaps not even a commentary on this great work, but rather a series of thoughts around impressions of it held by several groups, in contrast to what may be

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Concentrated Thoughts, A First Rant

Some seemingly random thoughts to ponder on and perhaps even study. Understand the difference between LaVeyan hedonism and actual satanism.  Start by taking a look at the roots of modern satanism and its early expressions and origins.  Consider that any true way should probably be an inner way, independently of the outside garb, hence, a

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Metal as Transcendental Art

I. Why and what for? In Book I of Plato’s The Republic, Socrates is engaged in an exchange of ideas with Thrasymachus regarding the nature of justice. In this debate, Thrasymachus is noticeably anxious to drive a point that justifies his views rather than finding out the truth. In between the sarcastic remarks and false

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